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About Femme Society

La Femme (french for woman) Society (group, community) = a community for the modern woman.

La Femme Society launched in 2016 as a women’s lifestyle blog empowering women to pursue their most daring dreams and ambitions. I believe in empowering women of all ages to believe in their dreams, challenging the status quo, and GOING FOR IT. Life is too short for what if’s.

Since then, we’ve evolved into a digital community with an emphasis on sharing positivity, self-love, and interviews with people making a difference. We’re about sharing successes, struggles, and real life experiences. No comparison. No judgement. Just love.

We believe in kindness
We believe in community
We believe in lifting others up

Thank you for being part of our community!

About Me

Hi, I’m Katelyn!
Creator of La Femme Society
Vancouver, BC

I’ve always loved writing, graphic design + being creative so starting a blog was a super fun project for me. I love having a creative outlet and a community to engage with on a daily basis. 

I’m a Certified Wedding Planner and love planning events and special occasions. I met my husband Alex in university on a blind coffee date and the rest is history. We got married in Kapalua, Hawaii in May 2019 and it was a dream come true. I still get butterflies thinking about it!

I love personality types. I’m an ESTJ, however, I’m only moderately extroverted and love quiet space to recharge and reflect. Despite my feminine style, I really love the outdoors, fly fishing, and camping. I’m a BC girl through and through.

Quick Facts

Guilty pleasure… Online shopping! Guilty as charged.

Hidden talent… I’m a pretty good poker player!

Top travel destinations… Germany, Spain, and Hawaii

Coffee order… Cafe misto with a pump of vanilla

I’m really bad at… finishing books

In my free time… I love a good dance cardio sesh!

Musical icon… Taylor Swift + Kacey Musgraves

Personal goal… to learn German fluently

Takeout order… Sushi or the crispy tofu bowl from cactus club