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Happy weekend everyone! I’m really excited to share this post because until now, I’ve never had my own work space. Since we moved to a new condo in August, I finally have the space for a desk, my laptop, wall space for photos and whatever else my creative heart can think of. Having a functional workspace is absolutely crucial for not only productivity, but also your mood. Trust me, I’ve spent enough years marking my academic territory on all my favourite studying spots as a student… it’s serious business. With this new office of mine, I wanted to create a space where I felt inspired, cozy, and connected with my purpose as a blogger.

What’s On My Desk?

On My Desk - Office Inspiration -

The Details:

Simplified Planner

My Simplified Planner is the epicentre of my organization. It helps me keep my life together, literally. I write down my schedule, to-do lists, ideas, appointments, everything. It’s an office must. (Psst… want to know more about the Simplified Planner? Then check out my previous blog post)

On My Desk - Simplified Planner -

Ikea Everything

It’s affordable and looks good; what else does a girl need? I chose the Hemnes desk in white, the Ranarp lamp in black, and an assortment of frames in White, Gold, and Black. The faux flowers are also Ikea.

On My Desk - Ikea -

On My Desk - Ikea -

Inspiration Pieces

Since I’m not big on colours, I used black, gold and white as the foundation and then used my brand colours in three black frames above my desk. From there I used pops of pink to make the space feel a bit more lively. I love quotes so I used one on the cork board and the other in a white Ikea frame (shown above).



Final Touches

I used faux carnations for more pops of colour, gold Chapters notebooks and lastly Buddha… because it’s just awesome. Not pictured on my desk are my candles. Who else loves candles? I love that candles can really pull together a space and immediately make it feel cozy and inviting. I’m always looking for new candles and scents to include in my office and the rest of my home. I’m currently loving  THYMES in Frasier Fir. What are some of your favourite candle scents?!


White Buddha: Urban Barn
Grace Not Perfection: Amazon
Good Morning Beautiful mug: Chapters
Gold Notebooks: Chapters

What’s something you always have at your desk? What’s your favourite part of your office or workspace? Let me know in the comments. Have a lovely week friends!

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Fit for Fall

Femme Society 5 Fall Favorites | www.femmesociety.caHello friends! Fall is in full swing and I’m pretty much the happiest person ever. Summer is great and all but let’s be real, everything about fall is just… better! The days are the perfect amount of chilly, it’s harvest time for apples and wine (need I say more?) and it’s an expectation to layer, layer and layer every article of clothing possible. Welcome to the best season of the year!

Fall is also a perfect time to start fresh. The trees and the leaves shed themselves to prepare for a new beginning, so why can’t we? I like to check in with my goals and set a new focus for the next half of the year. My most recent goal for fall? Simplifying my blog posts so I can feel more confident writing shorter, simpler posts for y’all to enjoy! Let’s start with 5 of my favourite pieces for your fall wardrobe.

Here are my 5 fall favorites:

Femme Society Fall Favorites -

From left to right:

  1. Varley Plaid Shirt
  2. Adriana Super Skinny in Dark Ripped Gold Pop Star
  3. ‘Taylor Shine’ Chelsea Boot
  4. Hannare Jacket
  5. Emma Tote in Wine

Although I love fashion, my style always comes down to comfort and practicality. In other words, you won’t see me rocking a knee high boot with laces and a heel this fall. Show me some leather booties though and we’re talking! Of course, plaid and a good pair of jeans are fall staples. Not to mention, fall is the perfect season for an oversized, versatile tote bag. And that colour? YES PLEASE! Lastly, we all love our layers during fall so pairing this outfit with a lighter jacket was the best way to finish off this look. Light jackets may be an investment, but totally worth it in the chilly mornings and warmer afternoons. Happy shopping!

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you are beautiful

Eyelet and Mesh Shift Dress - Gap | | Photography by Royce Sihlis

There’s something so awakening with the feeling of Spring. Everything feels so much more vibrant and alive. One of my absolute favourite things about Spring is seeing all the gorgeous cherry and magnolia trees in bloom and smelling the sweetness of their beauty. And like the beauty of a blossomed tree, it’s important to consider how we, too, can nurture ourselves and grow with the new season.

Eyelet and Mesh Shift Dress - Gap | | Photography by Royce Sihlis

In addition to my previous blog post about my favourite ways to welcome and feel rejuvenated this spring, I thought that Spring should also be welcomed with a little beauty of our own; self-love. With busy work schedules, families, kids, and everything in-between, how often do we stop and take time for ourselves once a day, once a week, or even once a month? I had the pleasure of spending some time last week at a workshop hosted by a lovely woman by the name of Jenny McKinney. Some of you in the Okanagan may know her as a makeup goddess but I’ll tell you, she taught us so much more than the power of false lashes and contouring. Jenny made us feel welcomed but beyond that, she made us feel important. She congratulated us on taking a few hours that day to pamper ourselves by attending the workshop and for investing time and love in ourselves. And most of all, we celebrated the beauty of a group of women coming together, who are more alike than different.

Whether it’s an afternoon pedicure, an evening bubble bath, sipping a glass of your favourite pinot noir, or even a kids-free trip to the grocery store, set side some time this week to do one thing that is just for you. I want you to tell yourself that you are beautiful, that you are deserving and most of all, loved. For me, showing myself love was purchasing this little white dress simply because it made me feel beautiful. 

Eyelet and Mesh Shift Dress - Gap | | Photography by Royce Sihlis

Spring love | | Photography by Royce Sihlis


When was the last time you did something just for you? Even if it was yesterday (in which case, keep it up!) I want you to set aside some time this week to do whatever it is that makes you feel beautiful, intelligent, safe, alive, loved, and all the adjectives in between. Practice doing more acts of self-love in your weekly and daily routines to sustain your self-confidence and your inner light. Want some ideas for acts of self-love? Email me at and I’d love to give you some inspiration.




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